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Red Is For Roses…and Front Porches!


In honor of Valentine’s Day….

a quick post with lots of lovely red!

I’ve been playing around with the idea of putting this old cabinet door turned chalk board sign out on the front porch since Christmas. Yes. Christmas. I don’t know what took me so long to actually get it out there. That’s how I role, I guess. (You’ll see in this post that I have openly admitted to having a promptness issue and a commitment issue of sorts.) So, no big surprise, huh! 😉

But back on task….

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far. (I see a new wreath in the near future, now that I have some inspiration!! 🙂

front door1

and zoomin’ in a bit…


So what do you think?

I’m liking it! Not in love with it yet, still some tweaking to be done, but a definite step forward!

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!!

Happy Tuesday, All!




Sew, Sew Easy, No Joke!


Anyone who knows me would know that I do NOT sew.  I can’t even sew a button on and make it look nice. I think I was traumatized in Home Economics a few years back. ( A few, several, 10, 20, who’s counting?) We had to start out each day threading our machines, but the worse part, it was a race. I do NOT like to lose more than I do NOT sew. I lost every day! I never even got second or third or fourth or fifth. It was awful, awful, awful!!! Damaged…..forever! 😉 But no worries, I’ve moved on to bigger and better things!! Yes that’s right, nothing like HeatNBond to stitch that torn ego of mine back together. 🙂

I have ventured into the world of No-Sew curtains. Instructions flood the blog world, inspiration galore! So I thought I’d add my nugget of experience.

My daughter had bi-fold doors on her closet and I feared for her little fingers each time she closed them by pushing on the fold instead of the handle. Plus they weren’t the prettiest to look at. Easy-peasy!! Took the doors off, measured the opening and shopped for my fabric.



I was really happy how they turned out. I’m happy that they don’t smash fingers. I am happy that she was happy with them. Now I would like to turn part of her closet into a reading nook. But thats another project, another post…

And now for the second attempt….this time for the window above the kitchen sink. I’ve had the rod and rings there for quite some time and nothing hanging on it. Mostly because I couldn’t commit to a fabric/color. So once I was finally fed up with the naked rod I went with my instict….red. I am very much attracted to red. Especially in small but enough to catch your eye doses. I have eyed this fabric forever and was trying to convince myself that I needed to get off the red wagon, bandwagon that is. But nothing ever ‘wowed’ me enough to leave the Radio Flyer behind. Tried and true. My last kitchen was red and white too…but I had to leave those guys with the house.

Here’s a picture of my last kitchen…

kitchen (4)

I didn’t make those. I found them on clearance at PB, which, by the way, is the next best thing to making them yourself. 🙂 I have surfed and found nothing to my liking on anyone’s clearance tab, so I made my new one’s for my new, sort of, kitchen. It only took 2 years to change out what came with the house. Don’t judge. 🙂


A little resemblance there but, just different enough. Right?

This valance seriously took me less than an hour. Its a yard of fabric and I folded and creased my hem with the iron and then adhered the fabric with the HeatNBond. I like the look of the rod and rings but if you prefer the pocket-rod style make the top hem wide enough to accommodate the rod and add that too your overall length. All your measurements are completely your preference.  There really is no wrong or right way, just your’s.

A couple of tips if you have never tried the no sew bonding…

1. I like the kind that does not have the paper backing…IMO the paper adds another step. This is supposed to be quick, remember!

2. There are different strengths of adhesive, read the packaging to see what suits your project best.

3. Test it out on a spare piece of your fabric to get the idea first…then jump in.

That’s it peeps! It’s so simple you’ll feel like your doing something wrong. 🙂

One warning though, its addictive. You’ll never want to put the iron away. 😉

Just kidding…….nothing is that powerful!!

Happy Thursday, All!!!