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DIY Chalkboard Cabinet Door Before & After


I love some good before and after action! Who doesn’t? In this post I showed the old cabinet door that I turned into a chalkboard sign. I seriously had idea after idea on what to do with it. So I thought I’d give ya a little background on where it came from and how it all started.

Even though I had not settled on the reincarnated state of this said salvaged piece, I knew it had to be cleaned, sanded, and primed. All those boring, but necessary steps that come with the territory of re-purposing. I found the door in my Grandfather’s garage. I’ve mentioned before that he held on to ev-er-y-th-ing here.  I was told that this door was taken out of an old house that I grew up in until I was eight or nine. Originally, it was a door to a built in ironing board cabinet. Not needing the ironing board or the cabinet, the door was removed and the space was used as a cubby.

And as promised…the before.

before cabinet door

No sanding, scraping, cleaning at all. I knew that most likely she was dressed in a dreadful lead-filled paint. So I took all the proper precautionary steps. I scraped all that I could and wiped it clean with a bleach/water mixture and let out to dry for a couple of weeks. I was a little more worried of bugs or mites living within the wood than I was of the lead paint. Once I knew the wood was completely dried I primed with two coats. I didn’t sand any. I liked the crackled texture that was left behind so I just let it be.

Unfortunately, I do not have any pics of the in-between process. Not a whole lot to see really. After priming I painted the inset of the door with chalkboard paint. I really was making this up as I went along… I did two coats of that as well. So if you could imagine the picture above with bright white trim and black on the inside that’s exactly what the in-between’er was.  And that is how it stayed for quite a while. The project was stuck in some sort of project purgatory…

Blah, blah, blah,

Skip, fast-forward.

Til, one day I bought a tester pot of red paint.

And the light bulb was lit.

Pops of red + me = chemistry

I did some chemisty-ing with this cabinet door.



She stands a whopping 70 inches tall and is a narrow 15 1/2 inches wide


cost me zero dollars to make!

A zero-dolla-costin’-pop-of-red!!

(insert happy dance here)

I had the primer and chalkboard paint on hand already. Although, I did just purchase the tester pot of paint right before I painted this, it was intended for another project. So technically I’m still at zero dollars. ( or should that be zero dollar?)

Sorry, getting off task.

How about some side-by-side action!

before cabinet doorfrontdoor2after

I’m liking it a bunch-o-much!! The best part is she is so interchangeable! She could be simple home decor, a message board, a menu board, she could even be a garage sale sign whatever you need her for at the time!!

 Which means…

This story may or may not be finished. 😉

But one thing’s for sure,  she’s out of  ‘project purgatory.’  🙂  Yay!

Now, what are you waiting for?


Do something that has you breakin’ out your happy dance!!

                                                                                         Happy Day!!


Red Is For Roses…and Front Porches!


In honor of Valentine’s Day….

a quick post with lots of lovely red!

I’ve been playing around with the idea of putting this old cabinet door turned chalk board sign out on the front porch since Christmas. Yes. Christmas. I don’t know what took me so long to actually get it out there. That’s how I role, I guess. (You’ll see in this post that I have openly admitted to having a promptness issue and a commitment issue of sorts.) So, no big surprise, huh! 😉

But back on task….

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far. (I see a new wreath in the near future, now that I have some inspiration!! 🙂

front door1

and zoomin’ in a bit…


So what do you think?

I’m liking it! Not in love with it yet, still some tweaking to be done, but a definite step forward!

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!!

Happy Tuesday, All!