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It’s an American dream to be a homeowner. I am so thankful that my family is a part of that “American dream.” I love and appreciate our home and do all I can to make it a happy home. But I still dream of one day my home making me happy. You know, kind of like, looking at a painting that just makes you feel good. You don’t know why, it just does. You have a hard time taking your eyes off it. You just sit and stare, trying to look deeper into each layer. I dream of some day walking into a home that makes me want to stare and take in every teeny tiny detail. I’m constantly designing my dream home. I have a collection of photos of feel good aspects, in case I ever get the chance to make my dream come true. Like this floor plan I found on…its my Mary Poppins flooplan….practically perfect in every way!

No, it’s not a mansion and it might even be a bit “regular,” but my dream home isn’t a dream home because its unattainable, it’s a dream home because its dreamy!

  I like a big front porch, and a  back porch that could lead to the mudroom that I’ve always wanted, like this one…

Built ins are a great space saver. They also add that perfect amount of charm! Love, love, love charm!

Here are a few more elements that you’d find in my dreamy dream home…

A bright airy kitchen with large windows to let in light, and open shelves above in place of cabinetry.

And of course, punches of color like these red doors. I love red as accent color!

and this…isn’t gorgeous? I am loving it. I would sooo want one of these in my home. I just love a wood planked wall. I love the contrast of white and bright with rustic touches…

Wait a minute! Is that Bob Harper? Oh, I didn’t even notice! (Ok, ok…who am I foolin’ ? Right? Thats a totally different dream… 😉 )

What (or who ;)) would be in your “dreamy home?”

Surely I’m not the only person who obsesses dreams about a dream home and stores inspirational photos in a desktop folder titled “house fetish”(I think I may have said too much)…

I hope I’m not alone! Dream on, dreamers, dream on!

Happy, I Have a Dream, Monday All!!

I Have a Dream…or two or three or four…