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Playin’ Cards, Burnin’ Calories…

Playin’ Cards, Burnin’ Calories…

Have you seen the parking lot at the gym?…WOW!!  You don’t need a calendar to know it’s the new year! Similar to college. You know, the beginning of the semester the parking sucks, classes are stuffed. But all the same, give it a few weeks. It slowly but surely returns to normal and the “regulars” are all that are left. If the gym is not your thing, that’s ok…it can be intimidating for sure. So instead of playing musical treadmills, try playing cards. Yep, play cards.

Are you waiting for the catch?

Well wait no more cuz here it is…

With a deck of regular playing cards you have yourself a personal trainer telling you what to do. Imagine Bob Harper if it helps. ( Works for me.) Assign an exercise to each suit. For example: Hearts are push ups, Spades are crunches, Diamonds are jumping jacks, Clubs are lunges. (Try to target different muscle groups for a well-rounded workout.) Assign the Aces to something like a timed exercise, wall sits or planks. With all cards (accept aces) do the assigned exercise the amount of times indicated by the number on the card. Jacks, queens, and kings are all 10. All others are self explanatory.

 With my own experience I would recommend turning over five or six cards at once, go through those cards, once finished gather them in pile off to the side and deal out your next set. Sometimes you get hammered with the same suit or a bunch of 10’s but, you are playing cards…you gotta play the hand you’re dealt! At the end of this workout you will have done 74 of each of your exercises and 4 minutes of whatever you assign your aces. If you are just starting out, you can always make your aces a 30 sec. exercise or even a break if you think you need it. Try it once and you’ll have a better idea of what level you should be at and customize it accordingly, but keep it challenging. When you find that you can get through a deck of cards, challenge yourself to a time limit. Try to get through the deck in 30 minutes. Be-lieve me, you’ll know you’ve done something!!!

This is an excellent circiut workout. You’ll raise heart rate for a good cardio workout, plus strength train at the same time. Most of all its ever-changing, which is key to an effective workout!

Well, what are you waiting for? Go play some cards!!

I’d love to hear all about the hand you were dealt. Feel free to share!

Happy, Happy, Happy, Friday All!