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Me, Myself, and I


It’s been forrrrrr-evvvvver¬†since I’ve posted and even longer since I’ve done a post on fitness…what can I say? No. Really. What can I say? If I say something to justify why it becomes an excuse. I’m not a big fan of those….so, nothing. I’m saying nothing! I just used almost fifty words to tell you I’m not saying anything. Thats kinda funny, in an ironic sort of way. ūüôā

Ok, any who?

We (me, my hubby, and some friends) have a race coming up in a couple of weeks. We’re doing the Warrior Dash on May 5th. It’s a 5k with some obstacles. It’s going to be a blast! We haven’t done the Warrior Dash yet, but last fall we did the Ruckus Run, which is¬†a little longer and quite a few more obstacles….we¬†started out¬†looking like this…



And ended up looking like this…



And here’s a closer picture of me, seriously mud everywhere!! Yes. I am¬†chowing down on some bananas, and yes my FIL is notorious for capturing those flattering moments. ūüėČ It’s hard to see the mud on my face but its there. It’s all over.¬† I don’t think that I even got this dirty as a child. ūüôā You’ve got to try this at least once! I challenge you to think of any other time its acceptable for grown adults to play in the mud, do cargo nets, monkey bars, run through tires, climb on ropes…really? Try. Its not only what we did, but so did a couple hundred more people. The next race there’s supposed to be a couple thousand!!! Just a bunch of “kids” that get a free beer at the end of the run! ūüėČ



We had a great time and are ready to do it again! Especially with our friends!! Lets go Gang!!!

But now to the point of the post. The race is just around the corner,¬†I know I need to get into my groove, get all primed for the race….

So, I’m at the gym the other day. I was planning on hitting the treadmill. Sometimes I do the treadmill and other times I hit the elliptical¬†for my cardio.¬†So I hop on and had a goal of doing a 5k in 30 minutes. That’s a doable time for me, I was fresh, it was morning, I had a good nights sleep. I should be ready to go, or so I thought. Once I started I didn’t feel right, and usually I go through a short moment of fatigue at first and then it passes once I’m good and warm, but this time it wasn’t passing…I had to slow down which automatically took my speed down to a 12 min/mile. What the Hell?! I’m doing an obstacle race in 2 weeks. Its a 5k plus obstacles! And right now I can’t even get through a mile on a treadmill! The¬† frustration¬†set in.¬†I couldn’t even get into my groove. My breathing was off, nothing felt right. Folks, I went a mile in 12.5 minutes….I was so upset I hit the stop button. I. Was. Done. I went on to do some strength training and was just fine, but I had to figure out why my body was in such a funk.¬† This is just not me. Of course, I had to beat myself up for a while. I’ve done a half marathon, I’ve done 5k’s, I’ve been on that same treadmill and done 3 miles of rolling hills in 35 minutes….well obviously body was trying to send a message to brain.

Dear Brain.

I like you, you know I do. With out you I wouldn’t be able¬†to move. When you say jump, I jump. When you say run, I run. But lately I’ve been a little sluggish. The whole treadmill workout on¬†Tuesday really upset you, but I¬† did the best¬†I could, honestly I did. ¬†Are you feeding me¬†well? It seems like I’ve had a lot of¬†sugar¬† lately. Are you still munching on Easter candy? I want to give you my best, I really, really do but you’ve got to give me the best too, you know. I really do prefer water over soda. Maybe I should have more of that. What about dinner? Is it necessary to eat so late? I know your busy with the kids and all but could you please eat a little earlier. Lets try these light changes and see what a difference it would make. We’re a team, I like working with you.¬†Teamwork on three, ready? 1, 2, 3, TEAMWORK!!!

Forever and always. Your Body

Well, Body, message received! Thanks for that little reminder.

I’ve always¬†been very¬†close with¬†my body.¬†No I’m not being sarcastic…It’s just that me and my body send messages like that all the time. It has ways¬†of telling me when somethings not the best. I get¬†little reminders about small¬†things before they turn into big things.¬†Listening to your body is¬†so incredibly important. I know when I need more water,¬†sometimes I listen and sometimes, well I just hear.¬†I¬†know before I take that last bite of sugar if this¬†is the point of too much. I know this¬†because the last bite didn’t taste as good as the first.¬†Eating slow enough¬† so that you can tell when you have stopped appreciating or even tasting that taste that you like so well. It is a struggle some days to listen to your body, most definitely. Everybody struggles.¬†And if you talk about it to others and let some of those struggles and frustrations come out, it really helps. I have my peeps that I can talk to. We all have to be there for each other.

So… thank you! Thank you for listening. Thank you for being my shoulder to lean on. I’ve had some struggles lately, as you know, and I needed to let them out. And I did. I feel much better now.

Brain is telling Body that its time to say Happy Friday All and head to the gym….