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I’m Sorry, So Sorry….


Is anyone thinking paper towels?  I was thinking to myself how awful its been that I haven’t posted in forever, which lead to me singing (to myself of course) “I’m sorry, so sorry…” (I don’t know the rest of the words.)  Anyway, that made me think of the paper towel commercial from way back when. But this post is not about paper towels, thank goodness, this post is about me getting back to my blog, finally. I feel awful that I have neglected it. I started this blog because I love writing. Rather it be silly, serious, or something in between, I designed the blog to be my outlet and right now it I’ve been feeling the need  for “letting out.” I hope that I haven’t let any of you guys down. If I have, I hope I can make it up to you.

As a side note, I do really, really like paper towels. I’ve entertained the idea of going green and switching to cloth, however for an avid paper towel user like myself, that is a huge commitment. I’ve heard once you try it you’ll never go back, hmmm, I have my doubts. But, like I said this post is not about paper towels. Maybe later….

Today, I’d like to share with all of you some pretty cool things that have happened lately…

As of March 1 I began my official career in real estate. All tests passed, all licenses received, all dues paid. I’m in! Let me tell you, it’s a busy world out there. This really is the optimal time to begin. Business is really picking up. Well, for the other agents in the office anyway. It’s a process, getting your name out there. But I feel like I’m in the best office, Century 21, Cobb Realty, Inc. Our office, out of 9 companies in our area, had 30.85% of the listings last year. It is a well established office, and very well managed too. I don’t have a frame of reference but I’m pretty sure I’m working for the best broker in town! Very exciting! I worked my first Saturday last weekend, which lead to three leads and three showings. This Sunday, I’ll be doing my first Open House. I’m just thrilled to have my foot in the door and I’m so ready to work! I know that probably sounds annoying, but its been 10 years folks, 1-0 years, since I worked outside the home. All my kids are in school now and it is time! I couldn’t be any more excited about it! I have an unusual love for real estate! 🙂 I wrote about it in my post, Other Phetishes, if you haven’t read it yet.    

Smarter. Bolder. Faster.

 Another bit of big news came in a tiny little package yesterday. A package weighing 4 lbs, 13 oz., to be exact. My baby niece, Abigail, was born!!! She’s a total doll face!!! So beautiful! Even though she was a bit early she is doing “perfect” (doc’s words.) Mother and Baby are doing super! Father is too. 😉 I’m so excited for them, they’ll  be awesome parents, for sure. If you didn’t see in my post, Aunt Lisa Rules, they did not find out if they were having a girl or boy. To be honest, I felt that it was a boy. I thought it only seemed fitting that my brother’s first child be a boy. However, that thought quickly faded yesterday when we were visiting. My brother is the most doting dad ever!! I could already see him twirling himself around her tiny little finger! It’s tear-jerking…but in a totally awesome, happy way! So here’s to Mike and Alicia!! I doubt that you’ll struggle for baby sitters, but I’m still offering my services. Maybe we should set up a rotation to keep it fair. Just kidding…. 🙂 No. Really. Call me!

Something else kinda big happened yesterday.

You know what, now that I think of it, yesterday was a pretty cool day. 🙂

Not only was it the first 80 degree day of the year (ahhhhh…) but my niece was born, and my dog, Bailey, turned 2! Yes, she really is that cute. 😉 I can already see my friend’s rolling thier eyes…She’s a bit of a mess. But she’s my mess and I love my Bebe!

I understand if you don’t share in my excitement… 😉

But along with  Abby’s birth day, Bailey’s birthday, and the weather, something else happened that completely floored me!! I’ll give you a picture clue, mate.



Any guesses? Well if you guessed that my blog went international, you’d be right!! I  have a reader in Australia!!!!


That’s crazy!!

I might be blowing this a bit out of proportion, but hot dog! I’m thrilled that my words, thoughts, work, pictures, the whole shrimp on the barbie, is being read in another country!! Un-be-lievable!!! Thank you to all!! Thank you to all my readers. To create this blog and have the liberty to do and say whatever I want is satisfying enough, but to have readers, just takes it to whole new level. It inspires me to do more! Thank you again, who ever you are, where ever you, what ever country your plugged in to!

THANK YOU!!  You have plastered a smile on my face!!!



Happy Over-The-Moon, Around-The-World, Wednesday, All!!!!