Nobody Puts ‘Bailey’ In A Corner….Except Me.


I’ve always liked silhouettes. They seem to popping up a lot lately on the wall art front. This puts my grandma way ahead of the trend because she has had silhouettes of my dad and aunt hanging on her walls for as long as I can remember. Granted, in today’s digital world the image of a silhouette is much easier to accomplish than ever. As I was pinteresting (that is to a verb….well I bet it will be someday…) the other day I saw some really good ideas, this one in particular was, my fave. Karah, at The Space Between ( had this easy and fun tutorial. Thanks for the inspiration, Karah!

Karah had a few more steps than I did because I already had the canvas. I bought it at Big Lots for $4. Not bad for an 11×14 canvas. I held onto it for a while, not knowing what exactly I was going to do with it, until I saw this super cute idea. I was already a couple of steps ahead to start….I had the canvas and I had the perfect picture of my pooch, Bailey. Bailey is not the easiest dog to photograph because her fur and her eyes are so dark. Really, almost every picture I take of her is a silhouette. Worked out well for this project. Here’s the original pic I used.

See what I mean. It doesn’t take much backlight to make her stand out. 🙂 Alrighty then, time to print. I printed out two copies, just in case I messed up. (Yes, it happens….from time to time. 😉 ) Time to cut, first I cut out around her to remove most of the edge and then used my tiny little scrapbook scissors to cut around all the furry detail.


Those tiny cuts was the most time-consuming part. But thanks to those scissors I got a pretty darn good detailed stencil. I played around a bit with the composition. Then I settled on the putting “Bailey in the corner”, yes you heard me, I put her in the corner. Its ok, she likes it there…;) Ok, Ok, anyway. Now all I had to do was trace and paint…this project really was going by fast. Awesome! I taped down the stencil of Bailey and traced around with a pencil.



I wrapped the stencil around the edge of the canvas to create a wrap around look since I don’t plan on framing it. The one’s that Karah did on The Space Between Blog, were left white and the background was dark, I wanted to do the opposite for a true silhouette. So I got out my black acrylic paint and my angled brush. ( I think it works best to get into small spaces…)

I’m right-handed so I worked from left to right and from the inside out, so I wouldn’t smudge anything. This really took hardly any time at all. Next, I painted the background a light beige. I wanted to keep the high contrast of the light and dark, but I didn’t have any white paint and without any paint it looked “unfinished.” I used the lightest acrylic paint I had on hand and a 1″ foam brush to for the bigger part and then used the same angled brush for the detail.

Voila! That’s it! For this particular project I think less is more. I love the simplicity of it. I have plans to paint three more. One of each of my kiddos and then do a gallery on our bedroom wall…I’ll definitly post that later. But for now….

Bailey’s got her own spot. It’s her first picture on the wall!! I’m sure she’s ecstatic! 😉

Again, thanks Karah, you gave me something to do while I was at home with a sick kiddo…. She’s got some really cute stuff going on over at her blog, you should check it out. 

I had a lot of fun painting this. Especially since I had everything on hand to do it right when I wanted/could do it. I’d say that it cost me nothing to do it, but if you figure in the cost of the canvas it was less than $5.

Perfect project for the impatient person!

Happy Monday, All!

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