“Mom, I want to be published…”

“Mom, I want to be published…”

“Mom, I want to be published.”  This is what my 10 year old son told  me about his story he wrote. He never ceases to amaze me.

The other evening he told me he was going to write a story. He then camped out in his bedroom until the story was done. No writer’s block for him. He popped out once in a while asking me to read what he had so far and once he came out to tell me, he’d like me to be the illustrator. I was, of course, honored. His exact words were: ” Mom, your creative, right?”  I said sure, I guess. To which he said, “then I’d like you to illustrate for me.” He’s so stinkin’ cute and  profesional. 🙂

There’s nothing a mother loves more than to make her babies’ dreams come true whenever she can. So, today I’m dedicating my blog to my aspiring son.  I am publishing his story. 🙂 This is for you Kevin.  I think it’s wonderful that you like  to write, don’t ever give up buddy! I am honored that you asked me to illustrate for you, I will draw your dreams forever and always!

Preface: Scooby is a beta fish inspired by our real pet beta fish, Scooby. Spike is a blow fish, hence the name Spike. Kevin has always been intrigued by Scooby and his ability to live all alone in such a small space. Scooby lives in our gumball-machine-turned-fish-bowl.





The Adventures of Scooby and Spike

Once upon a time there were 2 fish in the Atlantic ocean and their names were Scooby and Spike. Scooby and Spike are very young and one day Scooby was sleeping in and someone walked in and thought he was dead and they tossed him into the ocean and he sank to the bottom in his bag and then it hit something sharp and it was Spike who popped the bag and then Scooby woke up. Spike said hi and Scooby said hi. And then Spike said that he had been lonley for the past weeks because a lot of the fish got caugt in the fishing net and taken away. And then Scooby said how he got in the ocean. And then he saw a pirate ship and said what is that? And then Spike said what is that? Then they swam to it and went in it and they saw jewlry and all sorts of treasure. Then they saw a sharp tooth and so they went to go see what it was. Then Scooby gave it a hard tug and then heard a MMMMRR…It was a shark! They swam quickly to the treasure box and hid inside and the shark tried to open it but it would not budge. It was too rusty. And then they looked down and saw gold coins and they did not take any because they did not know who’s it was. So they checked to see if the shark was still there and sure enough it was so they spent the night in the box. In the morning they agreed that the treasure box was their home. Then at 8:00 am Scooby and Spike went to find some food pebbles at the dock. On their way up there was a huge cruise ship and Spike was swimming too fast and ran straight into the bottom of the ship and got scraped up pretty bad and lost his left gill. Scooby quickly went and got Spike who was sinking and took him to the shore. A boy was there and the boy picked him up and quickly ran to a sink and put him in there with Scooby. And the boy called the ambli-fish and they came and patched up Spike. And they fixed him up in the next 2 days. Then they threw the fish back in the ocean. Scooby and Spike went to their home and agreed they would call the fish govenor and have them stick stop signs to the bottom of boats.

The End.


(This is a mostly original rendition of his story, I corrected spelling and may have added a few more periods 😉 .)

I love the “ambli-fish.” I cracked up when I read that. I’m truely impressed with the elements he included in his story. In the beginning both fish are troubled in their own right. They meet and istantly bond. The story has a constant undertone of doing what is right. I hope that Scooby and Spike live happily ever after and have great success with the “fish govenor.”

I have yet to illustrate this story but I definitly will. Anything for my creative Kev!

I’m sure that there’s not another soul out there that will enjoy this story as much as I did, but I certainly hope it brings a smile to your face!

I will “treasure” this forever and ever. 

Happy-treasure-filled-Monday, All!



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