Aunt Lisa Rules!! ;)


I’m going to be an aunt again!! This April I’ll have a new niece or nephew:). Yay!!! I’m super excited about the being an aunt again, however I’m not so excited about being kept in the dark about the gender of my new family member! I can’t believe those two, how could they?

Ok, ok. I guess I’m not the only one who doesn’t know. Nobody knows, actually…yes they are one of those couples that want to be “surprised” when the baby gets here, blah, blah, blah…

I’m just kidding!!!! I give them a hard time about it. They handle it well, and usually dish out a little something right back at me. It’s all in good humor. 🙂

 It’s made shopping really hard. I’m not the green-and-yellow-clothes-buying kind. I’ve had to think outside the box. Last Christmas, we had their names for our gift exchange (between me and my brothers). I had to include the baby! What kind of cool aunt would I be if I didn’t?! After some thought I decided a growth chart would be a perfect gift. It could be for a boy or girl and it didn’t involve the colors, green and yellow. It had to be unique, it had to be movable (in case they move), it had to be something durable. So with my prerequisites, to the drawing board Pinterest I went…

At first I liked the fabric chart with the painted pattern, it was really cute and could hang anywhere and have any theme you so desired. But I was going for something that wasn’t too theme specific. This chart’s going to be around for a long time I wanted it to travel, well in a decorative sense.

And then I saw this…

I loved it!! It’s a ruler growth chart. This picture is actually the one that Pottery Barn once sold (no longer available). The coolest part is that a blogger at 517 Creations had also fallen in love with it and decided to make her own. Soooooo much cheaper! I followed her awesome and easy directions she had posted on her blog. You can see her tutorial here:

I won’t post the step-by-step directions I followed because I don’t want to take credit for them, but I’ll post my pictures of the process and a few things that I did along the way.

First I bought the board at Home Depot. It was the exact size I needed so no sawing required, just some sanding. Before I started any marking or painting I made sure the board was sanded well and I stained it just a bit to darken the wood and bring out the grain a little more. Then I printed off the numbers in the font and size that I wanted on the ruler.

After I made all the tick marks along the edge I cut around the numbers, and then taped down to the board. I could trace over them leaving a slight indentation in the wood leaving the perfect guide to trace and then paint. The indention around the numbers actually makes sort of a “ditch” for the paint and creates a very clean edge.

In this photo you can see that I have still have the 3 taped down.

I traced everything with pencil and then went over it with a black paint pen. Just a bit of advice if you want to try this, when placing the numbers along the tick marks, double-check, then check again to make sure they are at the right tick mark. I almost had a way grande mistake on mine. Thank goodness I hadn’t reached for the paint pen yet!  Once everything is marked out, the painting goes by very quickly. After the paint dried I did a couple of light coats of polyurethane, just enough to protect the serface. I didn’t want to go so heavy that you wouldn’t be able to mark on it. So, here it is, the Pottery Barn knock off inspired Ruler Growth Chart:

I can’t wait to see it all marked up! ( You won’t hear that out of my mouth very often…. 🙂 ) I figured my brother would hang it so I started out the marks at 6 inches to allow for it to hang that far off the floor. Overall this project took some time, but mostly for dry time allowance with the stain, the paint, and the coat of poly. But otherwise it was very simple! Oh, and I wanted to make it super special and one-of-a-kind, so I wrote a little note on the back so one day my niece/nephew could read it and know that their Aunt Lisa rules!!  😉

  “Dreams are big so you can grow into them!”


Happy Tuesday, All!



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