Got My Head in the Clouds.


I hope everyone had a great weekend. Our’s was nice and relaxing, not a lot going on for us. Which is nice because the last three weekends we’ve had birthday parties. January is a big birthday month. But we’ll be back at it next weekend with my niece’s birthday in Kansas City. Ok, this post isn’t about my agenda, so I’ll just get on with it.

Ok. I’ve listed one of my fetishes as photography but I haven’t talked about it yet. Until today, that is. Today I thought I’d share some “ooops shots.” These are the shots that you take on a whim with little, to no, planning. The shots that once you pull the camera down to check out the display, you’re like “M-O-G” ( That’s what my 5 yr old daughter says, its hilarious!)

Lately, the skies have been capturing my attention. I guess my head’s been in the clouds. At these particular moments the only camera I’ve had on hand was my cell phone camera. Which still isn’t that bad of a shot, actually, sometimes it works out  for the better. With my Canon I probably would have put too much planning into it and missed the “moment.” But with my cell I just point and shoot no settings to mess with. In a couple of these shots I did use some effects on the camera. One shot I used an app called FxCamera. It has several different effects like “Fisheye,” “Andy Warholizer,” “SymmetriCam,” and a few others. Which most of these can be done afterwards.

This shot was taken through the kitchen window sometime between 5:30-6. I had all the lights off in the kitchen and the sunset was glowing through the blinds. In person, it was just a cool, calming, effect. I knew what I was seeing was really cool, but I wanted to see what the camera would see. So I grabbed my cell and went to the window. Sunsets don’t last long, I had to just shoot until it was gone and look later. This was my favorite shot. I added a vignette afterwards.



And this one was taken at 70mph….No, it’s not a drive-by-shooting,  it’s more like a ride-by-shooting. I would never shoot and drive, that’s incredibly dangerous. I have never done that, no way. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! 😉 ) Again, this one is of the sky. The clouds caught my eye and so I grabbed the cell again, hoping I could capture what I was seeing. The tree, which ends up being my favorite part of the picture, wasn’t planned. In fact it was just collateral. The landscape was zooming by at 70 mph. I couldn’t plan it even if I wanted to. What is it about a lonely tree in the middle of nowhere that is so thought-provoking?  

This one is down to earth, literally. For a change I pointed my camera down to the ground. Now, I know not everyone is as amused as I am of the sky, but who can resist looking for shapes in the flames. We had a bon fire at my folks and out came the camera…this time I was playing around and used the FxCamera app. I set it to the SymmetriCam. With the ever-changing flames, I had no idea what would end up on the display. What do you see?

The first time I looked at it I was focusing on the flames at the top, how they come up on each side like pointy ears or something. But as we all looked at it my brother spotted the “dragon.” In the center of the picture where the photo is spliced together to create the symmetry you can see the face. The eyes, nose and open mouth with teeth on the bottom. Off each side are dark lines that create wing shapes. The longer you look at it the more you can see. For my brother, who’s a firefighter, it was especially noticable, he said that they can always see a “dragon” in the flames. Eeeww, creepy.

You never know what will happen that very instance the shutter opens and closes. Amazing!

I have to say that I’m not the only one with my “head in the clouds.” I got an email from my dad the other day, he sent a photo that he had taken. I bet you can guess what it is… Yep, the sky. It must run in the family. The sky had caught his eye, so why not try to capture the moment. (Oooh, the beauty of digital photography. In the film days this kind of shutter action would end up costing ya!) Just like the fire shot above gave back something more, so did my dad’s shot of the dusk-sky. Can you see it?

 Can you spot the “angry bull?” ( I almost typed angry bird….I think that’s a sign I should cut back 😉 ) Look at the tall Oak in the middle of the hedge row. In the tree there appears to be a bull’s skull. The two horns are sticking out each side, right below the horns are the eye sockets. If you follow the “snout” down to a point it looks like the clouds are the smoke coming from the nostrils…very strange! That is soooo not what my dad was expecting to capture. 

I love accidental photography! I still remember my first “accidental” shot. I was on vacation with my BFF in Miami, Florida. Palm trees galore!! That was the beginning of a major crush for me, that still exist this very day. I HEART palm trees in a major way! Thanks to my 110 film camera, I realized the potential of the shutter. I’m pretty sure I filled a whole role (24 shots, sometimes 24 and a half…anyone remember the some times partial picture caught on the extra film at the end of the role? Take a look at some of your old negatives…I’m sure you’ll find one. 🙂 ) of palm trees. One of them was the perfect silhouette of a palm tree. For a 12 or 13-year-old with a cheapo camera, the composition was perfect, the lighting was incredible, it was “picture perfect!”. Of course, the picture has lost some quality and not to mention has some creases and cinches due to the fact that it stayed tucked along the edge of my mirror for the biggest part of my “cool” years… but the condition of that photo doesn’t hinder the fact that, that picture was just the beginning a lovely relationship. No I’m not talking about palm trees, I mean with me and photography. 🙂

What do you have to lose, just pick up and shoot! The delete button is free!

Do you ever have accidents, huh, photography accidents that is?

Happy-head-in-the-clouds-Monday, all!

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