A “Dirty” Secret…


Sorry about the late post….originally I wasn’t going to post at all  because I had a lot to get done, but….

Today is just one of those days…I have plenty to do but……..but…….I’ve got nothing. I can’t even come up with a reason or excuse. Actually, the only thought that I could completely formulate today is, “I can’t even formulate a thought today.” The only thing I could do with my attention span, or lack of I should say, is clean.

 I love a clean house, I love the smell of a clean house. In the years past I took great pride in having a clean house. I was a bit of a Monica.

” If only they made a smaller one to clean this one…”

 If you’re familiar with Friends you may remember that scene. Yes, I have been spotted cleaning my vacuum after vacuuming. Carpet lines were a specialty. I still do, want a clean house, but it doesn’t stand for the same thing as it used to. It used to be my show of work, my little trophy. But all that changed when…

I went to an Uppercase Living party quite some time ago. I looked through the catalogue filled with cute sayings and inspirational quotes. Funny ones, sweet ones, and then this one…”A Dull Woman Always Has a Clean House.” Huh? What’s that supposed to mean? I object! That is so not true….is it?

For a while I got by on my justification that,  it’s just an excuse to not clean your house. Unfortunately, my justification has lost credibility. It’s not as comforting as is used to be. Turns out that not a whole heckuva lot people care that I have a clean house. In fact, I kinda got the feeling it was annoying.

Not the stamp I want to leave!

So here’s my “dirty” secret about my clean house. When or if you see my house clean, know that I’m not boasting, bragging, or anything of the sort. I just had a day that my brain was off in la-la land and was only capable of the thought-less task of cleaning.

Like I said…..its just one of those days.

Happy Thursday, All.




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