It’s No Picnik…


“Nooooooooo, why God, why?”

Okay well it’s not that dramatic, but it is pretty sad… is “closing.” I just got the email notice the other day. It’s not all bad news though. All though, the Picnik website is closing, Picnik is moving to Google+.

I’m a little nervous what sort of changes will come from this, but definitely in love with Picnik enough to follow them over to Google+. Also, members who pay for the premium membership (me) will be refunded. That’s pretty cool, but even cooler is, they are refunding the whole amount, ($24.95) not a prorate amount…So for instance if someone paid the yearly fee last February, and their membership is about to expire, they too will receive the whole fee! ( I know this is sounding a little infomercial-ish, it’s about to get worse, sorry. Can’t help myself.) But wait! There’s more! Not only is Picnik refunding all membership fees, but they are opening up their website, premium features included, to anyone and everyone for F-R-E-E!

 Don’t wait! This sweet deal goes sour on April 19th!

If you have never tried or even if you have now is the time..Its the easiest and funnest (I know that’s not a word. I would change it but I don’t want to..:) ) photo editing website. When I say easy I mean, easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy easy!! Just upload and go! All sorts of tools, all sorts of frames, all sorts of effects. Seriously all sorts of fun!!! Here’s some photos that I’ve created and played with….



Before and Afters…



Seasonal fun…



Enhancing the heck out of a photo is always fun…






Lets not forget how much fun text is…



It’s even kid friendly…this is my son’s creation he made with his own photo-alphabet pictures…




It really is endless!

I encourage everyone to put on their thinkin’ caps, smartie pants, or whatever gets your creative juices flowing and have some “Phot-ablulous Phun” with Picnik while you can! Here’s the link…all that free fun is just a click away! 

Happy Creatin’ Wednesday, All!!!

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  1. One of my photos just disappeared in the process of publishing…not sure what or why. But is just illlustrates the different effects to use in different seasons. Snowy-Christmas stuff in the winter, Spooky-Twighlighty stuff in October, Cupidy-red stuff in February. You get the picture. A side note: I’m not affiliated with Picnik in any way, I just really like their site. When I like something this much I feel the need to share because I don’t want anyone else to miss out. Have a great day! 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing Lisa. I hope this site is helpful and brings out a little bit of creativity i do not have! I would like to make a project using our florida vacation pictures.

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