“Just Lunging Around”


Well, All, it’s Friday! Can I get an, A-lle-lu-ia?? Alleluia!!!

Not only is it Friday, here at Twentyphive its…”Phitness Friday!” It’s, try-not-to-eat-anything-fried-day! It’s Fit-day! It’s…ok, ok, you know what I mean.

One of my goals for this year was to work on my legs…I’m shooting for “Carrie Underwood legs.” If you haven’t taken notice to her legs, google it! Pictures galore!! Like I said, I’m “shooting” for legs like her’s. If I miss and fall short, I’ll still be thrilled!

What does one do to work out her legs? Running is a great start, but this girl is not fond of running in the cold…

What next?

Pinterest to the rescue!!

I like to search for new ideas and workouts all the time…in fact I have a whole board dedicated to workout inspiration. Some are pretty hard-core and others are catching on! Such as, the “100 Workout.” It’s pretty popular and a great workout, but has anyone seen the “99?” Just a tad bit easier than the “100” you think? Uhhh, NOPE!  Here’s the “100”

It’s not an easy one by any means but, it’s a good-doable 45-55 minute workout. It’s a serious leg workout! I would avoid stairs, if possible, for a while after this. Wobbly legs and stairs do not go well together. (Especially if you’re going down. 🙂 ) This would be a great workout with your girls on a Saturday morning! Maybe I’ll get some of my girlies together and tackle this. You know who you are!! I’ll be callin” ya. How’s next Saturday look?

Don’t worry about the “99” though, I don’t have the guts to try it, yet. At least not in one session. If  you broke it up into days it wouldn’t be that bad but, I think its meant to be done as a single workout. Yikes!! Here’s the “99!”

Uuuuhhh…..Did you read that it’s also known as the “If I Finish This Alive I Must Be Invincible,” part?  I’ve read this many times, and still I read it and I’m speechless! Can this really be done? I know what a 60 second wall sit feels like, but a 99 second wall sit…and thats just the beginning!!  If you add up all the reps, by the end you will have done:

  • 484 Jumping Jacks
  • 484 Crunches
  • 8.06 minute Wall Sit
  • 484 Leg Lifts
  • 44 Push Ups
  • 11 minute Run

I’m cool with the push ups and the run, but the rest….not so much. Sitting at the wall for a combined 8 minutes and  484 leg lifts, you’d be numb from the waist down!! Running would be hazardous at that point!!

Let’s get real and talk about a mini-leg workout. Something that you can do real quick before you get in the shower or during the kiddo’s nap time. I got this, too, from Pinterest. This is called the “Sexy Leg Workout.”

This is Per-Fect!! I did it yesterday and it took me about 10 minutes. The jumping jacks get your heart rate up a bit and the other exercises target your glutes, quads, hams, and calfs ( or would it be calves? IDK…some one correct me if you know… 🙂 ) It’s quick and specific. It’s very important to have proper form! I cannot stress this enough! When you’re doing squats hold your arms up or in front of you to help keep your back straight. It’s helpful to use a mirror. I know  it’s a bit uncomfortable watching yourself but it’s key to making sure you are keeping form. You don’t want to bend over, you want to “sit” back in a chair. When you do lunges, make sure your forward leg is bent just til its parallel with the floor and make sure your knee does not go past the toe. Keep your weight on the heel of the foot, you should be able to flex your toes up and down. Same thing goes with the wall sit. Don’t let the knees extend farther than the toes and try to sit back to the point of having your legs parallel to the floor. Last but not least, through everything, keep your core tight! Hold in your stomach, tuck your pelvis, and make sure you are engaging the abs. This is soooo incredibly important! It will maximize the intensity and also protect your lower back from injury.

Does anyone else want Carrie-Underwood-legs? Or maybe you have another fitness goal for yourself, feel free to share it!

If you have a fitness goal for yourself, don’t just lounge around think about it, “lunge around” and do it!!

Happy Fit, Fried-free, Friday!!


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