Likes with Likes….


I, once,  had the pleasure of listening to a presentation by a professional organizer. Wow! Who knew there was so much logistics in organizing. It’s not just about being tidy, it’s about being efficient and tidy at the same time. Her words of wisdom have stuck with me since that day. One thing in particular she said was “…likes with likes. The most basic of rules when it comes to organizing…keep that in mind when putting your things in their ‘place.'”

Well I have a cabinet in the kitchen, above the desk, that tends to catch the ” I don’t know where else to put this, so I’ll put it in here,” items. Perfect cabinet to exercise this wisdom that was passed on to me.

First…the embarrasing before picture. It was a struggle to get anything out with out some other item(s) crashing to the desk below.








And with most messes like this, it gets worse before it gets better. Pulling everything out can get really ugly, like this..










and this…









I separated  everything while chanting “Likes with likes, likes with likes…” Its sorta catchy when you put a little shoulder shake with it… it helps pass the time…Now I have this…a “clean slate,” a “clear mind,” the perfect starting point. I can actually see some progress at this point.









Next, I took out any items that would be more efficient in another place…the cook books were better-placed and more accessible on the other side of the kitchen. Not that I’m pulling them out every night to create a gourmet spread for the Fam, but definitely a better fit over there…









Also, I removed anything that was broken or not useful anymore. I went through the medicine box and checked all the experation dates. I checked all the flashlights.













I’m glad I did, because I found this…The flashlight was being eaten by battery acid from the inside out…gross!! In the trash it went. ( Please don’t call the EPA…I’m sure I wasn’t in compliance with proper disposal protocol.)

 Just for the record, I am a proponent for recycling and regularly recycle our used batteries. I just didn’t want to touch these.






 Anyways, back to the task at hand…


I knew I wanted the bottom shelf to have more clearance for some taller items so I simply removed the shelf,  pulled the shelf brackets out,  and replaced them a couple of notches higher.











Next I went down stairs to find some sort of baskets or containers to help with keeping the “likes with likes,” (insert shoulder shake, right, then left and repeat…” 😉 I found a couple of napkin holders I had found on clearance a couple of years ago, I’m sure, knowing me, at Walmart…I used them for a party once and never thought about them again till now! Welcome back , little napkin baskets, welcome back! One basket is holding some miscellaneous items.

*Tip: Give your self a limit. For instance I have this basket for my miscellaneous items, but once its full…its full. If its full and I need more space, I know  its time to purge or go through and re-organize the items.*










The other is holding batteries and the battery-checker-thingy. The batteries get their very own basket because we’re owners of a magillion things that take a magillion batteries, especially Leapsters. Geeeesh!











I’m seeing some serious progress here!! Whahoo!!! I’m doing my likes-with-likes-shoulder-shaking jig with a big ol’ smile on my face!!!  It’s the little things in life!

Ready for the Big Reveal?! Readers, scroll on down!!!




























No need to keep your other hand ready to catch the falling flashlight or pack of batteries anymore…Nothing but ease to get what ever you need…I’ve got my mini craft section at hand, got our household gadgets together, got our medicine box up a little higher and lunch bags out of the way. As you know with the cook books, not everything went back in here…the leaning tower of tape had to go back to the garage, where they originally came from…











And this shiny guy…











Well, don’t I deserve something for this huge cabinet reno? Just kidding…this guy’s been living in here next to the gorilla glue just waiting to be repaired…he “dropped his bat.”











No worries! He’s back to his old self again and back in my boy’s room where he should be!

What a productive day!!!!

One more before and after before I go…                                                      


















Here’s wishing you all sorts of productivity today!

Happy Thursday All!!

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    • Jenn, Not long at all. A little over an hour…but that included re arranging another cabinet so the cook books would fit. I put the cook books on top and the brought the wine glasses, from the top, to the middle shelf. A much better arrangment! 😉

  1. Awesome, Lisa! I love the step-by-step and the “likes with likes” little ditty. I agree that flashlight had to go. You’re making me want to start my own blog. 🙂 Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks for reading, Trista!! I’m having a lot of fun with it! Oh crap! Is that how you spell “ditty?” I spelled it with D’s, Oooops! No help from spell check on that one. 😉 I’ll have to remember that “ditty” is like “potty.” Haha..LOL!! (I used to spell that word with D’s too.) 🙂

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