She Shoots…..She Misses!


I love repurposing. Taking from here, putting there, creating a new look, spending no $$$; I like it a lot! It’s a totally awesome feeling……….when it works, that is.

 As you can probably guess this post isn’t going to end with that “awesome feeling.”

Here’s the diddy on my idea that diddy not work. 😦

I wanted to dress up my naked door in the family room. They need a little dressing up, nothing to fussy, maybe something light and flowing…but first things first they needed a hanger for their new outfit. I really didn’t want to spend any money on a rod. So, “I’ll take one from a less “important” window around the house,” thinks me. ( at this point my husband would joke…”thats what ya get for thinking..”) Lets illustrate, shall we? 

Here’s the naked door…                         





Here’s the a-little-less important window… There’s nothing wrong with these curtains. This is the treatment that was left by the previous owners. (After, almost, a year of living here I’m ready to start putting my mark on the house…)                                                                                                                     







And a closer view of the rod I have set my eyes on…





Now, I know that I’m pushing it just a bit on the length, but I don’t plan to hang anything too heavy on it so, it’ll be alright….

Oh looky here….after removing the rod and curtains I see there are a few more holes that have been hiding behind the curtains…shame, shame. What in the world was previously hanging up here?! I don’t have a clue what you would hang up for a window treatment that needs 5 holes, perhaps its several mishaps. Who knows. I’ve got to  patch up the new ones any way…






I must move beyond that unsolved mystery…so I moved the rod to its new home. My momentum is going strong and I’m getting excited. Measuring done, check! New rod in place, check! Ahhhh, looks good, right?






Just one problem…that rod is extended as long as it can be without completely falling in half…. In theory, my measurements were ok because I measured it while the rod was on the floor. A slightly different story after it was hung up. I need some additional support in the middle.




You can see in this picture that its sagging waaayy too much to consider hanging anything on it, even if it is a sheer and always kept open and pulled to the sides… I’d like to figure out some sort of support to hang in the middle but its a double rod and I have not a clue how to make that work.




Oh well, back to the drawing board… no check! on this one… 😦

That’s the diddy on the idea that diddy not work.

 She shoots….ahhhhh, she misses!

I’ll be sure to let you know when I score! ( oh wait, that sounds kinda bad :/ ) You know what I mean….

Happy Tuesday All!!

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