Other Phetishes…


Please bare with me during construction of my blog, I’m working on adding pictures and some projects that I’ve completed. I really want to beef  it up!! Til then here’s something to chew on…

Here’s a bite bit about me.

25 Things About Me…

1. I don’t have a favorite color…call it commitment issues, I guess.

2. I have a theory about flies…I know its profound ridiculous…but stay with me. I find them suspicious, the way they just appear in the strangest places. (ie my shower….ewwww, gross) Given the expression “I wish I were a fly on the wall…”  Just makes me feel the government is involved. Flies, spies its all too coincidental, just saying.

3. I get goosebumps from the sun and hot water. You’d think it’d be just the opposite. Does this happen to anyone else? Or am I just weird? (that’s rhetorical, by the way! )

4. I LOVE my family!!!

5. I love me some Friends….Monica, Rachel, Phoebs and the whole gang. My kids call them “Mommy’s friends” when it comes on t.v. And of course I don’t argue.

6. I LOVE my real friends too!!

7. I will rarely say “no pun intended…” because they usually are intended. I love playing with words. ( Dorky side coming out…)

8. I’m a real estate stalker. I can’t help it. Sometimes it makes for a driving hazard. Eyes on the road, Lisa. (yikes) The HGTV commercial with the couple driving at night staring in open windows with lights on, yep, that’s me.

9. Number eight is the reason for number nine. I’m getting my real estate license right now. I have one more course and then I’m licensed to stalk sell houses! Super exciting. I’ll do a post on the process if any readers are curious or interested…

10. If I were an angry bird I’d be the yellow one…that’s one useful bird!

11. I love anything new, even if its old, sometimes, especially when its old. Flea market-ing is my favorite shopping!

12. Photography is a hobby of mine. I’d like to keep it that way. I’ve tried to take it to a more professional level, unfortunately, something changes when it becomes work. I do better work as a hobbiest.

13. I would like to own more power tools. I’m a girl’s girl but there’s just something that says “Don’t mess with me” when you can saw and drill things…

14. I’m notoriously late. I’m not proud of this…I do really try hard to be on time. It’s just that I don’t like being early, so it becomes a delicate balance… = )

15. Time stops when I’m in the shower. I swear wish! ( Thank goodness for our instant hot water heater.)

16. Leatha Bolinger is my all time favorite teacher! (I just ran into her the other day and she’s been on my mind so I had to add it to my list.)

17. I want to finish my degree. I currently have my associates. I don’t necessarily want to work in a pre-determined field, I just want that incredibly expensive piece of paper pride.

18. I love, love, love bungalow houses! I want to  will live in one someday!

19. I will never have a public conversation about politics….that can family-sized can of worms is just too big!

20. I heart sarcasm….take that as you wish.

21. I like to paint, just not the clean up.

22. I like to jog. I can’t say run because I’m sure what I do hardly qualifies as running. (I don’t want to take anything away from those that actually do run.) The hardest part is getting out the door…something to work on…

23. I don’t think that I can ever get tired of Mexican food. More, por favor!!

24. I am a summer person. Even though I’m in the mid-west with torturing humidity levels, I’d prefer it over wind-chills, ice, and snow!

25. I LOVE God!! I strive everyday to grow closer to Him.

Well that’ll be enough about me. For the readers who don’t know me, now you do, a little anyway. For the readers who do know me, maybe you got a chuckle or two.

Happy Thursday All!!



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  1. Yes! to #14. I have the same problem with the balance of not being too early. Drives Ben up the wall as he always likes to be early!

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